Top Considerations for Selecting a Real-time Streaming Analytics Platform

Information on how to download this whitepaper, which provides a view into how streaming __data processing needs that translate into absolute must-haves for the streaming analytics platform.

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By Impetus

All data is first generated in real-time, be it financial transactions, sensor data, web clickstreams, geolocation, weather reports data from social media, and other event streams. Insights from data as it originates can optimize decisions and accelerate responses to critical events. Thus, enterprises today need a streaming analytics platform to process and analyze this high-velocity data.

What are the essentials of a streaming analytics platform that can serve the real-time enterprise of today?

A streaming platform must be able to filter, aggregate, enrich, analyze and visualize data from multiple disparate live data sources in any data format, and unify this insight with data from batch sources. Also,the platform must enable identifying simple and complex patterns to detect opportunities and raise automated alerts to facilitate action in real-time.

Download a comprehensive guide about Top 6 Considerations to Choose a Real-Time Streaming Analytics Platform.This whitepaper provides a view into how streaming data analytics is different from traditional analytics and thus have unique data processing needs that translate into absolute must-haves for the streaming analytics platform.

The paper also delves into the key value propositions any streaming analytics platform must deliver in order to fully exploit real-time streaming data for business intelligence.

Read the whitepaper here -

Top 6 Considerations for a Streaming Analytics Platform

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