This Week in Machine Learning, 26 August 2016

This week’s top Machine Learning stories, including why you’ll never write emails the same way again!

Machine Learning is one of the most exciting fields in the world. Every week we discover something new, something amazing, something revolutionary. It’s incredible, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s why we created This Week in Machine Learning! Each week we publish a curated list of Machine Learning stories as a resource to help you keep pace with all these exciting developments. New posts will be published here first, and previous posts are archived on the Udacity blog.

Whether you’re currently enrolled in our Machine Learning Nanodegree program, already working in the field, or just pursuing a burgeoning interest in the subject, there will always be something here to inspire you!


Google develops a natural language processing and artificial intelligence system that can read newspaper and magazine articles and automatically generate strong headlines.


Mountain View-based start-up Boomerang applies machine learning to natural language to generate live analysis of emails as you write them, predicting the recipient’s reaction.

Food & Beverage

The Climate Corporation works to combine digital analytics with satellite data, drone surveillance, and embedded sensors to radically improve farming efficiency.


A spotlight in Network World reports that machine learning engineers are commanding over $200,000/year salaries, while virtual reality engineers regularly draw $100,000.


Researchers from the IBM Research Lab in Johannesburg apply machine learning algorithms to predicting local ozone levels, matching the results of physical modeling.


The Kavli HUMAN project aims to track and apply machine learning to everything 10,000 New Yorkers do for twenty years, from credit card usage to family interactions.