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Python Top 10 Articles for the Past Month

Between January and February 2017, we’ve ranked nearly 1,400 Python articles to pick the Top 10 stories (0.7% chance) that can help advance your career.

Topics included in this Python list are: Stock Trading, API Design, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, SciPy, Excel, Metaprogramming Facilities, Distributed Tracing, Garbage Collection, Django, Apache Spark. Machine Learning Top 10 is posted separately here.

Mybridge AI ranks articles based on the quality of content measured by our machine and a variety of human factors including engagement and popularity. This is a competitive list and you’ll find the experience and techniques shared by Python leaders particularly useful.

A million requests per second with Python: A journey to make Python with HTTP screaming fast which resulted in a new web micro-framework. Courtesy of Paweł Piotr Przeradowski and Free Code Camp

From Python to Numpy. Courtesy of Nicolas P. Rougier

API Design: Think First, Code Later. Courtesy of Jonatas Baldin and Cheesecake Labs

Python Programming for Stock Trading [Part 1–12]. Courtesy of Sentdex

Python Excel Tutorial: The Definitive Guide. Courtesy of Karlijn Willems

Understanding and using Python’s metaprogramming facilities.

Evolving Distributed Tracing at Uber Engineering. Courtesy Yuri Shkuro, Software Engineer at Uber

Dismissing Python Garbage Collection at Instagram. Courtesy of Instagram Engineering

Playing with 80 Million Amazon Product Review Ratings Using Apache Spark with Python. Courtesy of Max Woolf

Build a REST API with Django — A Test Driven Approach [Part 1]. Courtesy of jee githinji gikera and Scotch Development

…………….[ Part II ]

No 1) Trading

Trump2cash: A stock trading bot powered by Trump tweets, built in Python. Courtesy of Max Braun

[3,529 stars on Github]

No 2) Forecast

Prophet: Tool for producing high quality forecasts for time series data

[2,691 stars on Github]


No 3) PDF

PDFTabExtract: A set of tools for extracting tables from PDF files helping to do data mining on scanned documents.

[564 stars on Github]

No 1) Beginner

Learn Python step by step: Solve real world problems, create games, and automate your tasks

[78,342 recommends, 4.5/5 stars]

No 2) Data Science

Become a data scientist: Comprehensive data mining and machine learning course with Python & Spark

[26,114 recommends, 4.5/5 stars]

No 1) Pandas

Pandas Cheat Sheet: Data Science and Data Wrangling in Python



No 2) Scikit-Learn

Scikit-Learn Cheat Sheet: Python Machine Learning



No 3) SciPy

SciPy Cheat Sheet: Linear Algebra in Python



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