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Machine Learning Top 10 Articles for the Past Month.

In this observation, we ranked nearly 1,750 articles posted in August 2016 about machine learning, deep learning and AI.

Since an early flush of optimism in the 1950s, smaller subsets of artificial intelligence — first machine learning, then deep learning, a subset of machine learning — have created ever larger disruptions.

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We’ll try to make this curation as specific to Machine Learning as possible by creating separate Top 10 for Data Science, Algorithm, and Python etc.

Teaching Computer to Play Super Mario with neural network. Courtesy of Ehren J. Brav and Google DeepMind

[Part II] A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks. Courtesy of Adit Deshpande at UCLA

…………[Part III] The 9 Deep Learning Papers I Recommend

Image Completion with Deep Learning in TensorFlow. Courtesy of Brandon Amos, Ph.D at Carnegie Mellon University

[Part V] Language Translation with Deep Learning and the Magic of Sequences. Courtesy of Adam Geitgey, Director of Software Engineering at Groupon

Deep learning for complete beginners: Recognizing handwritten digits. Courtesy of Petar Veličković

An Exclusive Look at How AI and Machine Learning Work at Apple. Courtesy of Steven Levy and The Backchannel Team

Deep Dream (Google). Courtesy of Computerphile and Mike Pound

TensorFlow in a Nutshell — Part One: Basics. Courtesy of Camron Godbout

The Three Faces of Bayes

The Brain Behind Google’s Artificial Intelligence: Interview with Jeff Dean. Courtesy of Peter High

No 1) Open source

Srez: Image super-resolution through deep learning

[3,293 stars on Github]

No 2) Open source

Very simple implementation of Neural Algorithm of the Artistic Style (With TensorFlow)

[121 stars on Github]

No 3) Learn

Data Science for Beginners: Deep Learning in Python with Tensor flow and Neural Networks. (Most popular as of September, 2016)

[2,073 recommends, 4.6/5 rating]

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