Principles of Database Management: The Practical Guide to Storing, Managing and Analyzing Big and Small Data

This comprehensive textbook teaches the fundamentals of database design, modeling, systems, __data warehousing, governance and more.

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by Lemahieu W, vanden Broucke S., Baesens B.

The book is basically offered as a service and comes with the following:

  • A website with additional information (on-line appendices, endorsements, extra exercises and case studies, media coverage, etc.)
  • Free YouTube lectures for each of the 20 chapters which facilitates the usage of the book in a flipped classroom setup
  • Free PowerPoint slides (in English + Mandarin) for each of the 20 chapters
  • Free on-line multiple choice quiz tool
  • A solutions manual with the solutions to all multiple choice and open questions available to instructors.
  • An online playground with diverse environments, including MySQL for querying; MongoDB; Neo4j Cypher; and a tree structure visualization environment.  You can log on with user: demo and password: demo.  The playground can also be downloaded as a Dockerfile.
  • Full-color illustrations throughout the text
  • Extensive coverage of important trending topics, including data warehousing, business intelligence, data integration, data quality, data governance, Big Data, and analytics
  • Hundreds of examples to illustrate and clarify the concepts discussed that can be reproduced on the book’s companion online playground
  • Case studies, review questions, problems, and exercises in every chapter

If interested, you can order an inspection copy here.