Online R (and data science) courses at Udemy for only $10 – last day!

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In order to get the discount, simply click choose a link below and when paying use the promo code: APRIL10103

Udemy is offering readers of R-bloggers access to its global online learning marketplace for only $10 per course! This deal (offering over 50%-90% discount) is for hundreds of their courses – including many R-Programming, data science, machine learning etc.

Click here to browse ALL (R and non-R) courses

Advanced R courses: 

  • The Comprehensive Programming in R Course (25 Hours of video)
  • Bayesian Computational Analyses with R (12 Hours of video)
  • R Programming for Simulation and Monte Carlo Methods (12 Hours of video)
  • Applied Multivariate Analysis with R (13 Hours of video)
  • Linear Mixed-Effects Models with R (11 Hours of video)
  • Graphs in R (ggplot2, plotrix, base R) – Data Visualization with R Programming Language (5 Hours of video)
  • Multivariate Data Visualization with R (7 Hours of video)
  • More Data Mining with R (11 Hours of video)
  • Text Mining, Scraping and Sentiment Analysis with R (4 Hours of video)
  • Programming Statistical Applications in R (12 Hours of video)
  • Comprehensive Linear Modeling with R (15 Hours of video)
  • Time Series Analysis and Forecasting in R (3 Hours of video)

Introductory R courses: 

  • Introduction to R (15 Hours of video)
  • Applied Data Science with R (11 Hours of video)
  • R Level 1 – Data Analytics with R (6 Hours of video)
  • Learn R Programming from Scratch (2 Hours of video)
  • Statistics in R – The R Language for Statistical Analysis (3 Hours of video)
  • Machine Learning and Statistical Modeling with R Examples (3 Hours of video)
  • Introduction To Data Science (6 Hours of video)

Non R courses for data science: 

  • Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization (20 Hours of video)
  • Taming Big Data with MapReduce and Hadoop – Hands On! (5.5 Hours of video)
  • Tableau 9 Advanced Training: Master Tableau for Data Science (7 Hours of video) (not R, but relevant to R users who wish to create dashboards with interactive visualizations using a GUI)

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