Nikto Perl scanner

By Cyb3rw0rM -


Nikto Web-scanner is a open source web-server scanner which can be used to scan the web-servers for malicious programs and files. Nikto can be used to scan the outdated versions of programs too. Nikto will provide us a quick and easy scan to find out the dangerous files and programs in server, At the end of scan result with a log file. Using nikto we can scan http, https, httpd traffics too.

To run the Nikto we don’t need any hard resource using software’s, If our server installed with Perl it’s fine to run the nikto. It’s available for every Operating systems such as Linux, Unix like RedHat, Centos, Debian,Ubuntu, Solaris, BackTrack, MacOSX. Supports SSL, http proxy, Scan multiple ports on a server, Check for outdated server components etc.. We can get the output of result in following formats TXT, CSV,HTML, XML.