KDnuggets™ News 18:n46, Dec 5: AI, Data Science, Analytics 2018 Main Developments, 2019 Key Trends; Deep Learning Cheat Sheets

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The countdown to year's end is on, and we've begun collecting expert opinions on 2018's main developments and 2019's key trend predictions. We also share a great set of deep learning cheat sheets, a collection of the best tools, languages, and frameworks, see how to build a machine learning team when you aren't a tech giant, and get schooled on how to choose the best machine learning course. Enjoy!

  • AI, data Science, Analytics Main Developments in 2018 and Key Trends for 2019
  • Gold Blog
    Deep Learning Cheat Sheets
  • Best Machine Learning languages, data Visualization Tools, DL Frameworks, and Big data Tools
  • How to Build a Machine Learning Team When You Are Not Google or Facebook
  • Silver Blog
    A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Machine Learning Course

  Tutorials, Overviews
  • Handling Imbalanced Datasets in Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning for the Masses (... and The Semantic Layer)
  • Variational Autoencoders Explained in Detail
  • Sales Forecasting Using Facebook's Prophet

  • Data Science Projects Employers Want To See: How To Show A Business Impact
  • Why Primary Research?
  • Interpretability is crucial for trusting AI and machine learning
  • Linking data Science Activities to Business Initiatives Using the Hypothesis Development Canvas

  • Data Mining Book – Chapter Download
  • Open Source data Science Adoption: The How & Why
  • Graph-Powered Machine Learning
  • Free ebook: Exploring data with Python

  Webcasts and Webinars
  • Serve yourself. The Next-Generation of data Analytics. Dec 6 Webinar
  • Combating Customer Churn with AI

  Courses, Education
  • Get ahead of your peers with a Certificate in Business Analytics
  • Introducing the First AI / Machine Learning Course With a Job Guarantee
  • 8 Reasons to Take data Analytics Certification Courses

  • Upcoming Meetings in AI, Analytics, Big Data, data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning: December and Beyond
  • DATAx Cyber Monday Extended - 40% off all summit tickets with CYBER40

  • Ronin: data Engineer [San Mateo, CA]
  • Ronin: Sr Machine Learning and AI data Scientist [San Mateo, CA]
  • Tribes.ai: Sr data Scientist [Remote, India / Eastern Europe]
  • WPI: Research Scientist [Worcester, MA]

  • Monash University: Research Fellow (Bioinformatics) [Melbourne, Australia]
  • University of Tennessee Knoxville: Assistant or Associate Professor in data Science [Knoxville, TN]
  • Yeshiva University: data Science Program Director [New York, NY]

  Top Stories, Tweets
  • Top Stories, Nov 26 - Dec 2: Deep Learning Cheat Sheets; A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Machine Learning Course
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Nov 21-27: Intro to #DataScience for Managers - a mindmap; An Introduction to #AI

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Deep Learning Cheat Sheets

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