KDnuggets™ News 18:n45, Nov 28: Your Favorite Python IDE/editor? Intro to Data Science for Managers

Also: 6 Goals Every Wannabe Vote in new KDnuggets Poll: What Python editors or IDEs you use the most?. Also see a very comprehensive chart in Intro to Features
  • Gold Blog
    Intro to data Science for Managers
  • What Python editors or IDEs you used the most in 2018?
  • 6 Goals Every Wannabe data Scientist Should Make for 2019
  • Silver Blog
    An Introduction to AI
  • Using a Keras Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Model to Predict Stock Prices
  • My secret sauce to be in top 2% of a Kaggle competition

  • How to Engineer Your Way Out of Slow Models
  • Bringing Machine Learning Research to Product Commercialization
  • Data Science Strategy Safari: Aligning data Science Strategy to Org Strategy
  • Top 5 domains Big data analytics helps to transform
  • Cartoon: Thanksgiving, Big Data, and Turkey data Science.
  • Autonomy - Do we have the choice?

  Top Stories, Tweets
  • Top Stories, Nov 19-25: What is the Best Python IDE for data Science?; Intro to data Science for Managers
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Nov 14-20: 10 Free Must-See Courses for Machine Learning and data Science; Great list of #MachineLearning Resources

  • SQL, Python, and R in One Platform
  • 3 Challenges for Companies Tackling data Science

  Webcasts and Webinars
  • Making Machine Learning Accessible [Webinar Replay]

  Courses, Education
  • Data Pro Cyber Monday - Choose Your Savings

  • Join the World's Biggest Deep Learning Summit - KDnuggets Early Cyber Monday

  • Humana: Principal data Scientist/Informatics Principal [Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX and Louisville, KY]
  • Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF): data Analyst [Frankfurt, Germany]
  • WPI: Post-Doctoral Fellow [Worcester, MA]

  • Drexel University: 2 Teaching Faculty Positions in data Science [Philadelphia, PA]
  • Monash University: Lecturer/Sr Lecturer - Digital Health [Melbourne, Australia]
  • Monash University: Research Fellow (Digital Civics) [Melbourne, Australia]

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Data Science for Managers

Data Science for Managers