KDnuggets™ News 18:n41, Oct 31: Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras; Easy Named Entity Recognition with Scikit-Learn

Also: Generative Adversarial Networks - Paper Reading Road Map; How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Uncertainty; Implementing Automated Machine Learning Systems with Open Source Tools; Notes on Feature Preprocessing: The What, the Why, and the How Features |  Tutorials |  Opinions |  Reports |  News |  Webcasts |  Courses |  Jobs |  Academic |  Tops |  Image of the week

This past week on KDnuggets we shared a roadmap to learning GANs, offered up an introductory tutorial using Keras for deep learning, learned how to perform named entity recognition with common Python tools, got certain about uncertainty, saw consistency in poll results on the largest datasets our readers analyzed, and learned about open source automated machine learning tools. Don't forget to participate in the latest KDnuggets poll, How Important is Understanding Machine Learning Models?