KDnuggets™ News 18:n39, Oct 17: 10 Best Mobile Apps for Data Scientist; Vote in new poll: Largest dataset you analyzed?

Also: An interesting explanation of why Adversarial examples arise; 5 clean code tips to improve your productivity; Github Python Highlights this week include a great list of 10 Mobile Apps for Features
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    10 Best Mobile Apps for data Scientist / data Analysts
  • New Poll: What was the largest dataset you analyzed / data mined?
  • Machine learning: Is the emperor wearing clothes?
  • SQL, Python, & R: All in One Platform
  • 5 "Clean Code" Tips That Will Dramatically Improve Your Productivity
  • Preprocessing for Deep Learning: From covariance matrix to image whitening
Tutorials, Overviews
  • Adversarial Examples, Explained
  • Applied data Science: Solving a Predictive Maintenance Business Problem Part 3
  • GitHub Python data Science Spotlight: High Level Machine Learning & NLP, Ensembles, Command Line Viz & Docker Made Easy
  • We Sized Washington's Edible Marijuana Market Using AI
  • Using Confusion Matrices to Quantify the Cost of Being Wrong
  • Choose Your Own Adventure - Analytics On-boarding
  • Machine Reading Comprehension: Learning to Ask & Answer
  • Evaluating the Business Value of Predictive Models in Python and R
Top Stories, Tweets
  • Top Stories, Oct 8-14: 10 Best Mobile Apps for data Scientist / data Analysts; BIG, small or Right Data: Which is the proper focus?
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Oct 3-9: 5 Reasons Logistic Regression should be the first thing you learn when becoming a data Scientist
  • Top September Stories: Essential Math for data Science: Why and How; Machine Learning Cheat Sheets
  • DATAx Guide to data Visualization in 2019
  • Data Mining Book: Chapter Download.
Webcasts and Webinars
  • [Webinar] Neural Network Fundamentals, Oct 25
  • Accelerating Your Algorithms in Production [Webinar Replay]
  • Learn the top things to look for in an AI Vendor, Oct 25
Courses, Education
  • Bring Essential data Governance Training to Your Team
  • TDWI In-Person and Virtual data and Analytics Training
  • Join us for DataTech19, Scotland's first technical data science conference as part of DataFest, March 2019
  • DataCamp: Part-time Contract Instructors [Remote]
  • a4 Media: Manager, Machine Learning data Engineer [Long Island City, NY]
  • University of San Francisco: Postdoctoral Fellowship, data Institute [San Francisco, CA]
  • Temple University: Faculty Positions (Assistant/Associate/Full Professor) [Philadelphia, PA]
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Largest Dataset Analyzed, 2016
Vote in New KDnuggets Poll: What was the largest dataset you analyzed / data mined?