KDnuggets™ News 18:n35, Sep 19: How Many Data Scientists Out There? Hadoop for Beginners; Data Science of Adele

Also Top /r/MachineLearning posts, August 2018: Everybody Dance Now; 10 Big Features
  • How many Hadoop for Beginners
  • Top /r/MachineLearning posts, August 2018: Everybody Dance Now; Stanford class Machine Learning cheat sheets; Academic Torrents for sharing enormous datasets
  • The data Science of "Someone Like You" or Sentiment Analysis of Adele's Songs
  • 10 Big data Trends You Should Know
  • You Aren't So Smart: Cognitive Biases are Making Sure of It
  • Join Microsoft, Google and Bilfinger at Deep Learning World - Berlin, 12 November

  Tutorials, Overviews
  • Everything You Need to Know About AutoML and Neural Architecture Search
  • Iterative Initial Centroid Search via Sampling for k-Means Clustering

  • Free resources to learn Natural Language Processing
  • A Winning Game Plan For Building Your data Science Team
  • Ethics + data Science
  • The Growing Participation of Women in the data Science Community
  • The Economics and Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  Top Stories, Tweets
  • Top Stories, Sep 10-16: Essential Math for data Science: Why and How; Machine Learning Cheat Sheets
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Sep 5-11: 10 Free Must-Read Books for Machine Learning and data Science
  • Top August Stories: data Visualization Cheat Sheet; Basic Statistics in Python

  • How to Put Active Learning to Work for Your Enterprise
  • Whitepaper: Why Your Business Needs an AI Platform
  • ebook: Aggregating data with Apache Spark™

  Webcasts and Webinars
  • Webinar: The Art and Science of Marketing Analytics, Sep 20.
  • Webinar: How Google BigQuery and Looker Can Accelerate Your data Science Workflow, Sep 19.
  • See NVIDIA Deep Learning In Action [Webinar Series]

  Courses, Education
  • NYU Stern MS in Business Analytics
  • Top 4 Reasons You Should Take A LIVE Online data Science Course
  • MS in Applied data Science Online - which track is right for you?

  • Join Microsoft, Google and Bilfinger at Deep Learning World - Berlin, 12 November

  • Pew Research Center: Director of data Labs [Washington, DC]

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Hadoop for Beginners
Hadoop for Beginners