KDnuggets™ News 18:n21, May 23: Python eats away at R; Top 2018 Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning tools; 9 Must-have skills for a Data Scientist

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  • Python eats away at R: Top Software for Analytics, __data Scientist, updated
  • Gold Blog
    How to Implement a YOLO (v3) Object Detector from Scratch in PyTorch: Part 1
  • Frameworks for Approaching the Machine Learning Process
  • An Introduction to Deep Learning for Tabular Data
  • Optimization Using R

  Tutorials, Overviews
  • Generative Adversarial Neural Networks: Infinite Monkeys and The Great British Bake Off
  • GANs in TensorFlow from the Command Line: Creating Your First GitHub Project

  • If chatbots are to succeed, they need this
  • ETL vs ELT: Considering the Advancement of data Warehouses
  • 6 Proven Steps to Land a Job in data Science
  • Kernel Machine Learning (KernelML) - Generalized Machine Learning Algorithm
  • How to build analytic products in an age of data privacy
  • How to Organize data Labeling for Machine Learning: Approaches and Tools

  Top Stories, Tweets
  • Top Stories, May 14-20: data Science vs Machine Learning vs data Analytics vs Business Analytics; Implement a YOLO Object Detector from Scratch in PyTorch
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, May 09-15: Top 100 Books for #DataScientists; 7 Books to Grasp Mathematical Foundations of #DataScience

  • Mastering Advanced Analytics with Apache Spark
  • YouTube videos on database management, SQL, Datawarehousing, Business Intelligence, OLAP, Big Data, NoSQL databases, data quality, data governance and Analytics - free
  • Find the Right Accelerator for Your Deep Learning Needs
  • KDnuggets Updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

  Webcasts and Webinars
  • Why data and Infrastructure are key to determining Customer Intent,
    May 31 Webinar
  • Customer-Driven Product Development for the Future, June 6 webinar
  • Modern data Science Workflows, May 24

  Courses, Education
  • Pursue a Stanford data Science Certificate
  • Learn Business Analytics at Clark University - affordable excellence

  • Learn By Doing: Hands-on Labs and data Science Bootcamp
  • AI Leaders Summit, Boston, June 21-22, KDnuggets Offer

  • Afresh: Machine Learning Engineer

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KDnuggets Analytics/Data Science 2018 Software Poll

KDnuggets Analytics/Data Science 2018 Software Poll: top tools in 2018, and their share in the 2016-7 polls