KDnuggets™ News 18:n18, May 2: Blockchain Explained in 7 Python Functions; Data Science Dirty Secret; Choosing the Right Evaluation Metric

Also: Building Convolutional Neural Network using NumPy from Scratch; Features
  Tutorials, Overviews
  • Jupyter Notebook for Beginners: A Tutorial
  • 50+ Useful Machine Learning & Prediction APIs, 2018 Edition
  • Data Science vs Machine Learning vs data Analytics vs Business Analytics
  • Implementing Deep Learning Methods and Feature Engineering for Text Data: FastText

  • Operational Machine Learning: Seven Considerations for Successful MLOps
  • How to Make AI More Accessible
  • What should be focus areas for Machine Learning / AI in 2018?
  • Doing Real-Time data Analysis With Db2 Event Store
  • Bitcoin Trade Signals

  • Ultra-compact workstation for top deep learning frameworks

  Webcasts and Webinars
  • Actionable Insights with Predictive Analytics for Marketers, May 9
  • Modernize your data infrastructure with Looker + AWS

  Courses, Education
  • GraphDB for DevOps, Semantic Technology Proof-of-Concept - Online Training

  • Train AI 2018: Garry Kasparov, Andrej Karpathy keynotes and the best in AI
  • Hear the latest AI advancements in robotics & automation from Uber, Hitachi, Google & more

  • Pair Finance: Team Lead data Scientist
  • Pair Finance: Python Developer
  • Apple: data Science Engineer

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  • Top Stories, Apr 23-29: Blockchain Explained in 7 Python Functions; Building Convolutional Neural Network using NumPy from Scratch
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Apr 18-24: Top 20 Python #AI and #MachineLearning Open Source Projects; 7 Books to Grasp Mathematical Foundations of #DataScience

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