KDnuggets™ News 17:n39, Oct 11: Machine Learning to Predict, Explain Attrition; Deep Learning for Object Detection

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  • Using Machine Learning to Predict and Explain Employee Attrition
  • Deep Learning for Object Detection: A Comprehensive Review
  • How to Choose a data Science Job
  • Top 15 Master of data Science Programs You May Want To Consider
  • A Guide For Time Series Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTMs)
  • Wall Street and the New data Paradigm at PAW Financial, Oct 29 - Nov 2

  Tutorials, Overviews
  • Tidyverse, an opinionated data Science Toolbox in R from Hadley Wickham
  • A Quick Guide to Fake News Detection on Social Media
  • The 5 Common Mistakes That Lead to Bad data Visualization
  • Applied data Science: Solving a Predictive Maintenance Business Problem
  • Neural Networks: Innumerable Architectures, One Fundamental Idea

  • How I started with learning AI in the last 2 months
  • Credible Sources of Accurate Information About AI
  • 5 overriding factors for the successful implementation of AI
  • Data Science -The need for a Systems Engineering approach
  • Find Out What Celebrities Tweet About the Most

  • Top Stories, Oct 2-8: Understanding Machine Learning Algorithms; XGBoost, a Top Machine Learning Method on Kaggle, Explained
  • Monty Hall chooses the final exit door
  • Top September Stories: 30 Essential data Science, Machine Learning & Deep Learning Cheat Sheets
  • Make Your data Mean More With Derived Variables

  Courses, Education
  • Don't let a Career in data Science Pass You By
  • Big data Bootcamp, Tampa, Dec 8-10

  • Wall Street and the New data Paradigm at PAW Financial, Oct 29 - Nov 2
  • Three Predictive Analytics Events in NYC - Business, Financial, Healthcare, Oct 29 - Nov 2
  • IAPA National Conference on "Advancing Analytics," October 18, Melbourne
  • Chief AI Officer and Chief data Scientist events, San Francisco, Nov 28-30 - special KDnuggets Offer

  • Arrowstreet Capital: Research Associate, data Science
  • Arterys: Machine Learning Engineer
  • Elsevier: Machine Learning Scientist
  • Arterys: Machine Learning Scientist
  • HelloFresh: Senior data Scientist

  • U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Open Rank Faculty Positions
  • U. of Miami: Assistant Professor, with emphasis on data Science and Machine Learning

  Top Tweets
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Sep 27 - Oct 03: Introduction to #Blockchains & What It Means to #BigData; 7 More Steps to Mastering #MachineLearning With #Python

   Image of the week
Deep Learning for Object Detection

Deep Learning for Object Detection