KDnuggets™ News 17:n15, Apr 19: Forrester vs Gartner on Data Science/Analytics Platforms; 5 Machine Learning Projects You Can No Longer Overlook

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  • Silver Blog, Apr 2017
    Forrester vs Gartner on data Science Platforms and Machine Learning Solutions
  • Top mistakes data scientists make when dealing with business people
  • Silver Blog, Apr 2017
    5 Machine Learning Projects You Can No Longer Overlook, April
  • New Online data Science Tracks for 2017
  • Machine Learning Finds "Fake News" with 88% Accuracy
  • Cartoon: Taxes, Artificial Intelligence, and Humans
    Cartoon: Why AI needs help with taxes

  • DataScience Launches Interactive Tool For Exploring data Science Trends
  • WordStat for Stata Now on Macs

  Tutorials, Overviews
  • Time Series Analysis with Generalized Additive Models
  • Must-Know: What is the curse of dimensionality?
  • Predictive Maintenance: A Primer
  • Is Blockchain the Ultimate Enabler of data Monetization?
  • Medical Image Analysis with Deep Learning, Part 2

  • The dynamics between AI and IoT
  • What Makes a Good Analyst?

  • More Deep Learning "Magic": Paintings to photos, horses to zebras, and more amazing image-to-image translation
  • Top Stories, Apr 10-16: 10 Free Machine Learning & data Science Books; 5 Machine Learning Projects You Can't Overlook
  • ACM SIGKDD Calls for Nominations for Top Awards in data Science, data Mining Awards
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Apr 05-11: 10 Free Must-Read Books for Machine Learning, data Science; Making beautiful data visualizations in Python, matplotlib
  • High Frequency, new journal on high-frequency data - submit your research

  Webcasts and Webinars
  • Level-up your analytics with text mining, Apr 27 Webinar
  • Streaming vs Batch Analytics, Model Creation and Deployment - April 19 Webinar

  Courses, Education
  • E-learning courses on Advanced Analytics, Credit Risk Modeling, and Fraud Analytics
  • Big data Bootcamp, Irving (Dallas area), May 5-7

  • Join Deep Learning leaders in Boston, May 25-26 - KDnuggets Offer
  • Open Source is Central to the data Management Conversation, Boston, June 26-28
  • Speaker Introduction for the Deep Learning Summit & Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit in Boston, 25-26 May (KDnuggets Offer)

  • Sift Science: Sr. Software Engineer, Machine Learning
  • Discover Financial Services: Manager, Decision Analytics
  • Thinkful, Inc.: data Science Bootcamp Mentor
  • World Food Programme: data Scientist

  • The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory: data Scientist

   Image of the week
Gartner vs Forrester evaluation of data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning Platforms, 2017 Q1

Gartner vs Forrester evaluation of data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning Platforms, 2017 Q1