It Only Takes One Line of Code to Run Regression

I learned how important to understand

By Kritika Jalan

I am a usual IT graduate from an Indian tier-2 engineering college. And like a usual student, I used to read just enough course material so as to not flunk the semester-end exams. I was the kind of girl who believed ‘College gets you ready for real world’. So wrong, I know! As a result of my belief, I learned nothing substantial during my college years. But I always wanted to stand out from the crowd, always wanted to be the black sheep and thus began my journey to become relevant.

I will try to be relevant
And participant in an event
I will apply for GSoC
And submit a code-block
I will give my cent percent
And continue to be relevant

I started trying every other thing, like taking a course on parallel programming, registering with HackerEarth, building applications using Java, learning android and creating apps, taking up project in NLP for word sense disambiguation using SVM, writing paper on GCD circuits, participating in hack-a-thons. Phew! Anything and Everything. You guessed it right, I was going nowhere.


Amidst all this, I got placed in MuSigma, Bangalore. These guys gave amazing pre-placement talk and they made sure we knew this from HBR. This instilled in my mind and I loved how I started playing with data. I switched jobs, worked with different clients, different