In case you missed it: July 2018 roundup

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In case you missed them, here are some articles from July of particular interest to R users.

A program to validate quality and security for R packages: the Linux Foundation's CII Best Practices Badge Program.

R scripts to generate images in the style of famous artworks, like Mondrian's.

A 6-minute video tour of the AI and Machine Learning services in Azure, including R.

The July roundup of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science news.

An R package for tiling hexagon-shaped images, used to create a striking banner of hex stickers for useR!2018.

Highlights and links to videos from the useR!2018 conference.

Video and R scripts from a workshop on creating an app to detect images of hotdogs. 

Microsoft has released a number of open data sets produced from its research programs.

R 3.5.1 has been released.

And some general interest stories (not necessarily related to R):

  • An app to visualize the distribution of street orientations in cities
  • A TED talk explores the link between spoken language and the way we think

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