Cartoon: the distance between Espresso and Cappuccino

This cartoon takes a vector space approach to your favorite drinks and examines the distance between Espresso and Cappuccino. Warning: this is only funny to Data Scientists and mathematicians.
By Gregory Piatetsky, KDnuggets.

This cartoon from datamonsters takes a vector space approach to your favorite drinks.

Cartoon Espresso Word2vec

Customer: Espresso? But I ordered a cappuccino!

Robot: Don't worry, the cosine distance between them is so small, that they are almost the same thing.

This cartoon was created by Dmitry Malkov, a data scientist and cartoonist at Data Monsters. He works on chatbots, writes stories about monsters, and tweets at @data_monsters, where you can see more of his cartoons.

If you find it funny, good - you are familiar with word embeddings.

If not, read more about

word2vec and word embeddings,

and read a good explanation of the famous equation

King - Man + Woman = Queen, The Marvelous Mathematics of Computational Linguistics, MIT Tech Review.

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