BBQSQL – Blind SQL Injection Framework

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BBQSQL is a blind SQL injection framework written in Python. It is extremely useful when attacking tricky SQL injection vulnerabilities. BBQSQL is also a semi-automatic tool, allowing quite a bit of customization for those hard to trigger SQL injection findings. The tool is built to be database agnostic and is extremely versatile. It also has an intuitive UI to make setting up attacks much easier. Python gevent is also implemented, making BBQSQL extremely fast.

Blind SQL injection can be a pain to exploit. When the available tools work they work well, but when they don’t you have to write something custom. This is time-consuming and tedious. BBQSQL can help you address those issues.

You specify where you want the injection query to be inserted by using the template. Without the injection template the tool wont know where to insert the query.


The most important thing to note about BBQSQL is that it doesn’t care about the data or database, whilst most SQL Injection tools are built with specific databases or languages in mind.

  • Exploits Blind SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Database Agnostic
  • Versatile
  • Utilises Two Search Techniques (binary_search & frequency_search)
  • Concurrent HTTP requests
  • Config Import/Export
  • Custom Hooks
  • Fast

HTTP Parameters

BBQSQL has many http parameters you can configure when setting up your attack. At a minimum you must provide the URL, where you want the injection query to run, and the method. The following options can be set:

  • files
  • headers
  • cookies
  • url
  • allow_redirects
  • proxies
  • data
  • method
  • auth


Similar to other SQL Injection tools you must provide certain request information for the tool to work, for BBSQL this is:

  • URL
  • HTTP Method
  • Headers
  • Cookies
  • Encoding methods
  • Redirect behavior
  • Files
  • HTTP Auth
  • Proxies

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BBQSQL injection toolkit (bbqsql)
Lead Development: Ben Toews(mastahyeti)
Development: Scott Behrens(arbit)
Menu modified from code for Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) by: David Kennedy (ReL1K)
SET is located at:
Version: 1.0

The 5 S’s of BBQ:
Sauce, Spice, Smoke, Sizzle, and SQLi

Select from the menu:

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2) Setup BBQSQL Options
3) Export Config
4) Import Config
5) Run Exploit
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99) Exit the bbqsql injection toolkit