3 Ways to Move Your Data Science Into Production, May 24

In this live webinar, on May 24th at 11AM Central, learn how Anaconda empowers __data science projects as live applications with a single click.
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Traditional data science project deployments involve lengthy and complex processes to deliver secure and scalable applications in enterprise environments. As a result, data scientists must spend a nontrivial amount of time setting up, configuring and maintaining deployment infrastructure.

Why take valuable time away from data exploration and analysis workflows when Anaconda can do that for you?

We are here to help—with Anaconda, you can easily productionize your data science projects and applications, and choose the deployment method to use. In this live webinar, Christine and Kris will demonstrate how Anaconda empowers data scientists to encapsulate and deploy their data science projects as live applications with a single click.

They will show you how to:

  • Decide the right deployment strategy for you and your team
  • Encapsulate data science projects with Anaconda Project
  • Deploy Self-Service Notebooks, Interactive Applications (e.g. Bokeh), Dashboards and Machine Learning Models with REST API using Anaconda Enterprise

  • Christine and Kris will hold a Q&A session after the presentation, so tune in and get your questions answered.


    Team Anaconda

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